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Harnessing our boutique development firm roots to stay nimble and focused

Building transparent partnerships with our clients

Leveraging innovative technologies to provide secure, scalable and quality solutions

Platform & App Development

Our software developers utilize the latest languages, libraries, frameworks, and third-party solutions to ensure your application is beautifully designed and built for platform security and scalability.

  • Responsive Design
  • Scalable & Performant
  • Secure

Website Development

Our custom websites empower your customer connections. With a headless CMS, future content goals are flexible and personalized.

  • Responsive Design
  • Performant & Custom CMS
  • Optimized For Search

Design & Branding

Branding is part of the deal! Elevate your digital experience with OpenCore – where simplicity meets innovation effortlessly.

  • Visual Identities & Logos
  • Brand Collateral
  • UX/UI Design

Digital Brand Management

Expand your reach, amplify your brand and find new customers. We employ the latest technologies and research to ensure your brand's online presence adequately articulates your company.

  • SEO & Social Media Management
  • Advertising Management
  • Flexible Pricing

Consulting Services

Leverage our in-house team of software engineers to gain access to technical expertise and knowledge to guide you through complex technological ideas and challenges.

  • Free Consultation
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Software Engineering Principles


Utilizing the best technologies to ensure performant, scalable and resilient solutions.

Figma is a real-time collaborative design tool used for creating and prototyping web and app interfaces, fostering efficient teamwork.

Proven Track Record

With a portfolio of successful projects across various industries, our record speaks for itself

Specialized Approach

Being a boutique agency, enables us to prioritize our clients to the highest level

Integrity Orientated

Founded and led by 3 software engineers with ethics and integrity engrain through education

Innovation First

We consistently update our processes and technology best practices to capture the benefits of the rapidly changing environment

Transparent Collaboration

We believe in transparent collaboration - working closely with our clients at every step to deliver extraordinary results

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We have answers.

What design tools do you use?

We use a variety of industry-standard design tools, including Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, and InVision, among others.

What Services does OpenCore Group provide?

We provide an integrated suite of services to help turn your idea into a fully operational solution. At a high-level we specialize in IT Consulting, Design & Branding, Software Development, and Digital Brand Management. Our specific services include UI/UX Design, Brand Design, Website Design, Website Development, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Development, Web App Design, Web App Development, E-commerce Design, E-commerce Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and Software Consulting.

Does the OpenCore team have experience?

YES! At OpenCore Group, we ensure all our team members have significant technical knowledge and experience within their respective disciplines. Our team includes software engineers, computer science graduates, experienced designers, and other professionals. This approach ensures that every team member brings a depth of expertise and a practical understanding to their job, allowing us to deliver high-quality software development and design services.

How long does it take to complete a project?

The time it takes to complete a project varies significantly based on its complexity, size, scale and type of services being provided. However, to give you a rough idea, here are some general timelines for our different service lines: Mobile & Platform Applications can take between 4 - 12 months, Websites between 2 - 4 months, projects involving our Design & Branding services take between 2 - 8 weeks, Digital Brand Management & Marketing, and Consulting Services take between 1 - 3 weeks. For the most precise timeline estimation based on your specific project needs, we invite you to reach out for a free consultation and quote.

Do we develop mobile applications?

Yes, we specialize in developing both mobile and web-based applications. Our team of engineers uses the latest technologies and programming languages to deliver applications that are cross-platform (Android & IOS compatible) and design responsive (adapt to different device shapes & sizes).

What is OpenCore's Pricing Model?

At OpenCore, we provide fixed-cost and hourly-based pricing models depending on the project's size, scale and complexity. For larger projects, we provide fixed-cost pricing, giving our clients expense certainty with no surprise charges. For smaller-scale projects involving maintenance, management or consulting services, we use an hourly-based pricing model. As a rough pricing guideline, our Mobile & Platform Applications tend to fall within $20k - $100k, Websites generally cost between $5k - $20k, projects involving our Design & Branding services typically range from $500 - $3k, Digital Brand Management & Marketing can fall between $250 - $5k, and for Consulting Services we charge a flat rate of $75hr. To get a precise quote for your next project, reach out to our team for a free consultation.

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